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Holiday Ideas

Holiday Ideas

Chicken Goujons And Chips

Serves 4

100g fresh white breadcrumbs

50g Cheddar or Gruyere cheese, grated

salt and ground black pepper

450g boneless and skinless chicken breast

4tbsp good quality mayonnaise

sunflower oil

400g oven chips

Place the breadcrumbs in a food processor with the cheese and seasoning, blitz to combine.

Tip the cheesy crumbs out onto a large plate. 

With a large sharp knife, cut the chicken breast into 1.5cm strips. Place the chicken strips in a large bowl with the mayonnaise, stir to combine.. Then toss in the cheesy crumbs until they are evenly coated. Place the goujons on baking trays and drizzle with a little sunflower oil. Cook at 200C for 20-25min or until they are cooked through and golden. Meanwhile place the oven chips on a baking sheet and cook according to the packet instructions.

Make newspaper cones, secure with a paper clip and line with greaseproof paper.

Serve the goujons and chips in the newspaper cones with plenty of ketchup.

Did you know?

In the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, the children’s wicked step mother decides to take the children deep into the forest to leave them there. Unbeknownst to her they leave a trail of breadcrumbs to show them the way out. Sadly this doesn't work as the birds eat all the crumbs and they end up lost in the woods!


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